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BAEB’s Leah Gotti Seduces Photographer

This aesthetically pleasing, ballet-themed fuck fest keeps me feeling hot and bothered from beginning to end. Leah Gotti shows us First, Second, and Third Position in a way Swan Lake never could.

When I was in junior high school, I kept waiting and waiting for the day my tits would finally grow in. I would look at my flat, preteen chest in the mirror and dream that one day I would be able to fill out a red spandex jumpsuit as well as Britney Spears did in the Oops I Did It Again… music video. I’m sad to report that, fifteen years later, I’m still waiting for that day to arrive. While I didn’t achieve my teenage Britney Spears boob dreams, Leah Gotti certainly did. We see her flawless canons throughout the duration of the BAEB film teaser that YouPorn has dubbed, “Babe Leah Gotti Seduces and Fucks Photographer.” Grab the Lubriderm; this one is well worth the 10 minutes and 20 seconds of your undivided attention.


My teenage boob goals.

This video starts with a behind-the-camera perspective of Leah participating in a sexy photo shoot. The setting is a stark white dance studio complete with ballet barres, and gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows. Leah strikes some poses as the shots interchange between her wearing Daisy Dukes and a very sexy ballerina pink bodysuit (which I’ve made a mental note to go find at Urban Outfitters ASAP), and her being ass naked. Despite what my aforementioned teenage body goals suggest, I’m more of an ass-(wo)man these days, but Leah’s perfect grapefruit-sized titties have me considering changing teams. They are so full and soft, and I kind of just want to rub my face all over them. Leah’s complexion is absolutely stunning, and I can’t help but feel like she’s staring into my soul as she looks into the camera with her piercing green bedroom eyes.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 8.04.46 PM

They say boobs are the windows to the soul.

The shoot is playful, and Leah is entrancingly confident as she poses and bares it all. It’s no surprise then, that the photographer can’t help himself as he walks over and starts kissing Leah and grabbing those amazing fun-bags of hers. Leah steps up onto the window ledge so that her breasts are conveniently at the same level as the photographer’s mouth. Watching him lick her nipples is so hot I almost don’t notice his ugly-ass thumb ring. Almost. You guys, thumb rings are tacky and gross and should have been left in the 90’s where they belong. (The same goes for toe rings BTW. How are those comfortable?) As the Thumb Ring Photographer Bro continues to suck on Leah’s titties, a wave of jealousy shoots through me. But hey, if this girl is into dudes with thumb rings, maybe we’re just not meant to be.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 8.15.56 PM

This would have been so hot without the thumb ring.

Leah turns around to face the wall and Thumb Ring Photographer Bro (T.R.P.B.) pulls Leah’s jean shorts down to reveal the rest of Leah’s bodysuit beneath them. T.R.P.B. kisses Leah’s ass as he moves her bodysuit over and starts to lick her pussy from behind. Leah looks down at T.R.P.B. as he goes to town on her fiddly bits. With ever so much finesse, T.R.P.B. slides between Leah’s legs so his face is directly under her pussy. “Just bounce your ass,” T.R.P.B. instructs, as Leah gyrates on his face. This is when I first notice that T.R.P.B. has a lip ring. Even though a grown ass man shouldn’t have a lip ring past high school graduation, I can’t help but wonder what that might feel like. I’ll never know though, because it’s not worth having to go on dates to Taking Back Sunday concerts or whatever the fuck kinds of activities adults with lip rings partake in.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 7.36.32 PM

I’m going to start wearing more bodysuits.

The pair turn around to face the camera. Leah’s bodysuit is rolled down so those fantastic tits are in perfect sight. Leah props her legs straight out onto the ballet bars on either side of her so that she’s doing the splits above T.R.P.B. Leah fingers herself as T.R.P.B. continues to go down. There is no way in the fiery bowels of Hell that this position is comfortable, but I could not give less of a fuck. I’m into it, and you will be too.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 7.46.22 PM

There is no way this is comfortable.

The scene cuts and T.R.P.B.’s dick is out and let me tell you, it is GIANT. When your dick is this big you can have all the stupid piercings and wear all the thumb rings you want. I take back all of my previous criticisms towards T.R.P.B. With his massive, veiny cock shoved between Leah’s big tits, T.R.P.B. vigorously thrusts. See, this is just something I can’t do. Anytime I’ve ever attempted to titty-fuck, I just end up with a bruised sternum and a very dissatisfied partner.

The camera angle switches to a POV shot of Leah hauling on T.R.P.B.’s D. The number one rule of giving good head is to not to be afraid to get messy with it, and Leah ain’t scared of this one-eyed monster. She shoves T.R.P.B.’s dick down her throat without even a flinch. She must know the ol’ yawning while you deep throat trick, in order to avoid gagging. As hot as this blow job scene is, and as big of a fan as I am of Leah’s handiwork, I am incredibly distracted by the dirty ass cement floor beneath her. Also diverting my attention from the knob-slobbing is that like Leah’s breasts, she also has quite sizeable hands. T.R.P.B.’s ginormous peen almost looks like an adorable little garden slug in comparison. Thankfully, the BJ is still hot AF and these things are just minor distractions to the pleasure at hand (he he!).

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 7.59.24 PM

Could they lay out an area rug atleast?

The scene cuts and Leah is spread eagle on the ballet barres once again, this time with the camera slightly below her rather than head on. From behind, T.R.P.B. removes his pants and shoves his cock deep inside Leah’s pussy. This angle is super sexy, and I try to not think about how badly this position would hurt my hip flexors if I tried it at home. We have a straight on view of Leah’s pussy now, and it is as flawless as her tits. I wouldn’t be surprised if women bring pictures of Leah’s vagina into their labiaplasty consultations. T.R.P.B. fucks Leah harder as she whimpers and cries out like a dog in heat.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 8.25.30 PMThe most requested vagina at labiaplasty consultations.

The scene cuts and T.R.P.B. is now fucking Leah in an even more ridiculous position. Standing on one leg, Leah has her other leg stretched straight up and over her head. This video makes me feel guilty for ever settling for missionary. I’m glad to see all of the money that Leah’s parents evidently paid for her childhood ballet classes is being put to good use. This girl’s flexibility is insane. If the whole porn thing doesn’t work out for her, Cirque du Soleil probably has an opportunity for her.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 8.31.33 PM

Cirque du Soleil n’ chill?

The scene cuts to a closeup of that peen in vageen action. Kudos to the cameraman for achieving this shot in a way that is actually hot, and not like a scene from a twelfth grade Human Anatomy video. We almost see a money shot, but because this is a teaser and not a full video, it cuts before we can see much cum spill. For the first time watching a porn teaser, I can honestly say that this video almost made me want to pay for the full video. Almost.


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